When Food Bloggers Get Lazy

I’ve been moderately busy in the kitchen. I’ve made some things that I’m really excited about and look forward to sharing. However, the thing about spending a lot of time in the kitchen is that there are then lots of photos to select from, some of which might need a bit of editing. Then you have to upload them, and write something at least slightly interesting about them, and transfer your recipes from the back of that envelope (I’ve lost my kitchen notebook) to an intelligible form. It can be a bit daunting. So, instead of doing all that, you make a sandwich and blog about it instead.

Sometimes you don’t even want to wait for the grill to toast that sandwich and you might get out your chef’s blowtorch and use that to finish off the colour on the top. Sometimes you might even only colour the side of the sandwich that will be in the camera’s viewfinder.

Any guesses to what’s in that sandwich? Could it be a lovely chicken and tarragon salad? Could it be homemade hummus and a cheeky slice of havarti? Could it be wild salmon with a caper dressing? It could be any of these, I suppose, but it is not. It is vegetable fingers, straight from the freezer section of the supermarket, with melted cheddar and tomato ketchup out of a bottle.

It can’t all be caviar and lobster, you know?

To try to make up for this, here is a selection of goods I bought on a recent trip to Whole Foods. I was armed with a £20 gift card and a second voucher, which promised £5 off if I spent £25. So, I had an ideal budget in mind of £25, which would end up being completely free. That’s my favourite kind of shopping. Once Miss K and I arrived, though, I took the decision not to count what was going in my basket, and buy things that I really wanted while I was there. At the end of my shopping trip, this was all in my basket (though not nearly so neatly arranged:

The total cost? £25.97. I was thrilled, as you will know if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter. I got this photo up there as soon as I got home. Tragic? A little. Still awesome? A lot.

The items are, roughly from left to right:

  • Luxury Fig Bites
  • Habanero chilis
  • Black rice
  • Raspberry and Espresso chocolate truffles from Booja Booja
  • Bresaola
  • Saffron salami
  • Porcini salami
  • Montezuma chocolate – chili and white chocolate and raspberry
  • Chestnut puree
  • Frozen edamame
  • Green and Black’s cocoa (this is the best cocoa I’ve found yet)
  • Tablet and Tiramisu ice creams
  • Stem ginger and rhubarb fruit ice
  • Mushroom pate

I’ve restrained myself so far (this was only two days ago) and only opened the fig bites. They are 100% fruit, made only of pureed fig and coconut round the outside. They are sweet and have a lovely crunchy texture from the fig seeds; they are tiny and crackle between your teeth in a way that is strangely addictive. In fact I’m eating some of them right now. The rest of the items will be consumed over the coming days.

I have plans for some of it; the porcini salami is destined for a pizza, with sourdough crust. The habaneros will soon be popped in the smoker, then dried. I’m unsure if I’ll make another chili powder with them or simply keep them for use in future recipes. The edamame will be seasoned and roasted to make this great snack. Finally, the black rice will either be powdered into flour and used to coat fish, in the style of Gluten Free Girl, or made into a rice pudding with coconut milk. Maybe I will split the small amount I bought and make a small portion of each. The rest will just make treats for me on evenings in front of the computer, photo editing and blog writing. It certainly makes for strong motivation.

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