Go Pro Fusion Design

Go Pro fusion has the square design which is totally different from the Go Pro Hero 5. It is about 3.5 inches tall and wide. Thought its size is different as compared to the Go Pro Hero 5 but they do have some likenesses. It also had the same rubbery texture and had same gippy patterns all over the edge of the cameras.

It has a 180-degree camera to the front, and other is to the back. It has quick play button which can use to capture the photos quickly and do the recording and video. It also has small LED screen on the front. The fusion has the highlighted button at the top right corner of the camera. There are three microphones on the top of the product. They are placed in a triangular way. This product has waterproofing features. This makes it more durable. However, if you are surfing, and shooting underwater fusion will never let you down. It has all the features which can require from the camera.

Camera and editing

  • Fusion has two cameras support one is the front camera and other is the rear. This enables camera to have 360-degree view
  • Fusion supports the 18-megapixel picture quality.
  • You can easily capture the 5.2k resolution at the rate of 30nframes per seconds and 3k resolution at the rate of 60 frames per second.
  • The main feature of the fusion is the over capturing. By using this feature, you can take the clicks in advance, later on, can change the angle, zooming ratio, transitions, and panning. This feature is not supported by the other product of Go Pro.
  • Go Pro fusion offers the hundred percent 360-degree video editing services.
  • It also has GPS system for the location, accelerometer, and compass.
  • Fusion supports the voice control you can tell camera system to start the video and recording.

You can get the fusion easily from the market in the least amount. You do not have to pay much to enjoy the advanced features of the camera. There is no double that fusion is more expensive as compared to the flagship Hero 5. But it has the additional features and improved technology. You will never regret after purchasing this product. This product comes with the fusion grip mount which also acts the long stick to take the selfies. So you can get more benefits by just spending some money.