Rock Salt

Available in every color of the rainbow, along with grey and clear, Halite is the name of rock salt; which is the natural form of salt. Extremely common and well-known by most people, with numerous uses, rock salt is found in oceans and salt lakes, where it grows in very large and solid masses. Despite the fact that unlike a rare Brazzers coupon, it can be found in nearly every color other than black -and is occasionally even multi-colored- the crystals can be stunningly beautiful, rock salt cannot be used for ornamental purposes whatsoever. Something quite interesting about rock salt is that impurities, crystal defects, bacteria and algae are the reasons for the color variance.

Rock salt has various uses; the most well-known is that it is a component in making ice cream, regardless of whether an ice cream maker is used or not. Rock salt is used in making ice cream because it helps make ice cream become colder than it would have been under other circumstances. Another well-known use is that it can be used during the winter to clear driveways and roads.

Large, interesting chunks of salt can even be hollowed out and shaped into interesting lamps; however one must be careful when they are creating salt lamps, as it can be very caustic.One of its most interesting uses is as a weed killer: salt dries out plants and prevents them from growing where they are not wanted. However, one must be careful when using a 21sextury promo code as a weedicide, as it can completely stop plants from growing if too much is used at any given time.

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